DataCenter Protection


At avenue we understand that it takes to build successful data centres with trust and successful partnerships. In mission-critical application engineering solutions and qualified service team are everything. This makes us most suitable integrator providing one stop solutions as preferred integrator for life safety, security and automation.


The fast customer can build their data centre, the sooner they can begin earning revenue. Our trained and capable design team work with our customer to design a standardized process to protect and secure their data centres.


The specialized solution needs of data centres include extreme security solutions that take into account access control, video, intrusion, local deterrent, and cyber security.

Avenue not only provide security measures against physical threats, but also build confidence that the products and solutions installed are tested, secure, and complying.


Data centres require so much energy that a consistent focus on the highest efficiency cooling equipment is vital.

We at Avenue, offer the most efficient integrated platform. The service contracts and technology that predictively track the equipment performance and offer flexibility customer can monitor, track, report, predict, and act on all of the data coming from utility equipment.


Our customer-focused engineers, skilled technicians, mechanics, electrical engineers, project managers, and service experts on PAN INDIA are here to help you effectively manage, upgrade, and enhance the performance of your data centre, maximizing uptime and efficiency, and providing swift responses in case support needs.

All the upcoming software upgrades and new features like customization for trend, data base and various parameters are updated and informed to customer on time.


Data centre operators realize the energy efficiency. The focus on pushing for sustainable solution give edge to Avenue to offer most energy monitoring and tracking engines to support by giving data to monitors. Our Operations, Maintenance, and Repair Services experts can help reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

Apart from the regular Datacenter Implementation, Avenue carries expertise in Protection Systems used in Various Tiers of Datacenters and Server Rooms and other Critical Rooms. These Systems Cohesively Form the Safety and Security Backbone of the DataCenters:

Critical Room Protection Systems

Total Flooding Gas Based Suppression Systems

Data loss and downtime are two of the most costly problems that can affect a business. A fire in a Data Center, transformer room or any other critical area can have enormous consequences and result in long periods of downtime. Therefore, in many cases these rooms are protected with automatic gas extinguishing systems which use gases to extinguish the fire in a very short time. Our Expertise involves installation of Novec 1230, FM200, HFC, Inert Gases and Co2 Based Systems

Water Mist Suppression System

The intelligent use of water!

For centuries, water has been used as a medium to fight fires by cooling the fire. The breakthrough that water mist represents is to use the same method as traditional sprinklers but to add the effect of converting the water into steam. This means that the cooling effect is up to seven times higher.

If we look at the fire triangle, a fire relies on the presence of three elements in order to survive; oxygen, heat and combustible material. The removal of any one of these elements will extinguish a fire.

A high pressure water mist system goes further: it attacks two elements of the fire triangle: oxygen and heat. This means that water mist combines the suppression effect of gas and traditional sprinkler systems. As well as removing the oxygen like gas system, it simultaneously cools the fire like a traditional sprinkler.

Quick fire fighting

As water mist both cools the fire and removes the oxygen, it results in quicker fire fighting

Due to the cooling effect of water mist, re-ignition is avoided

The SEM-SAFE® water mist system is ready for re-use immediately after a fire

Less damage

Water damage is kept at a minimum due to the low water consumption of the high pressure water mist system

The SEM-SAFE® system can be deployed instantly, resulting in less damage.

Using only pure water, the SEM-SAFE® water mist system gives you the best possible protection of equipment and human lives

Reduced down time

The reduced amount of damage often means less down time, resulting in much lower costs

There is no need to fill up cylinders, thus saving expensive refilling time and overall costs

No need for extra installations

The pump unit takes up little space and needs no special room or safe storage

Easy and fast installation is possible due to small pipe sizes and low system weight

Leak Detection Systems

Owing to Airconditioning systems used in Datacenters, Condensation and leakages can occur in a Datacenter. Avenue Carries expertise in installation of Conventional Type Leak Detection Systems for small Server Rooms to Addressable type Detection Systems to be used for Huge Spaces.

We also carry expertise in deploying Fuel Leak Detection to be deployed in areas where backup generator Fuel Leaks Can occur. Avenue is an Authorised System Integrator for ELSA Make Conventional and Addressable Systems

Air Aspiration Systems (VESDA)

Air Aspiration Systems Work by continuous sampling the Air into Tubes which are run through strategic locations as per Design. The Detection is done using Laser Detector situation in the Central Aspiration Unit. If designed properly the system is capable of notifying a probable Fire hours in advance.

Room Environment Monitoring Systems

The Critical Rooms Require various parameters in the room which needs to be monitored closely and necessary action to be initiated to avoid damage of equipment and downtimes. Avenue has expertise in designing and implementing most basic environmental monitoring Systems to the most advanced Integrated Building Management Systems suitable to be implemented for Critical room applications