Room Environment Monitoring Systems

Room Environment Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring system ensures early notification of undesirable environmental conditions and equipment status in server room & Datacenter by SMS, Email or Alarm. Datacenter is housed with various IT, Power & HVAC equipment. To ensure smooth functioning of data center, it is very important to detect any undesirable parameter at early stage. If temperature and humidity is more or less than required range then it can cause breakdown of servers.

Server room monitoring system continuously do humidity & temperature monitoring with help of sensors connected to it and if it is beyond set limit then it informs user. Most of advanced monitoring systems also can monitor equipment like UPS, FM200, Close Control Unit with help of dry contacts. Environmental Monitoring system supports various types of protocol to integrate with LAN/WAN network and Building Management System (BMS). And hence we can do remote monitoring of datacenter with environment monitoring system. Depending on size of server room and number of equipment to be monitor, one need to select proper monitoring system with sufficient number of sensor inputs. For big datacenter and server room monitoring, we can connect various environmental monitoring system in parallel.

Sensors & Notification Methods of Environmental monitoring system

Environmental monitoring system needs to connect with various types of detector sensors to monitor corresponding parameter. These sensor can be fully configure with help of management software provided with product. It is very important to sent right high and low threshold value for each sensor. We also can set delay time after which environmental monitoring system should trigger notifications.

Datacenter server needs temperature and humidity to be maintain in certain range. Precision air conditioner installed in Datacenter to maintain temperature and humidity. Desired temperature level in datacenter is 18 to 22 deg C. High temperature can cause breakdown of server. High humidity can cause condensation and failure or corrosion of equipment and too low humidity can cause Electrostatic discharge. With Environmental monitoring system connected with humidity & temperature monitoring sensor, user can set high and low values of humidity & temperature. In case room monitoring sensors detects high or low values continuously for more than set delay time then room monitoring system triggers alarm and send notification to listed users by Pop up massage, Email, SMS or phone call.

Additional Sensors & Equipment Monitoring

In addition to environmental parameter monitoring, Environmental monitoring system also can monitor status of other equipment like UPS, Close Control Unit, Fire suppression System and access control system with help of dry contacts. Other than humidity & temperature monitoring sensor, room monitoring system can integrate following sensors:

Motion Sensor & IP Camera to monitor intrude activity. Smoke detector for early detection of fire. Air flow sensor to monitor air flow of close control unit. Water leak sensor to detect water leak at early stage. AC voltage detector to monitor voltage from Electrical sources. Door contact sensor to monitor unauthorized entry.

Room Monitoring Notifications

Quick reporting of undesirable environmental conditions to user can avoid heavy damage. Modern Environmental monitoring system equipped with wide range of notifications method. These room monitoring system can connected to your LAN/WAN network and can shoot Email or SMS on event of alarm condition. SMS notification can be configure with help of USB 3G modem fitted with SIM card. Environmental Monitoring system can remotely monitor and configure with help of web interface. Also system can be connected to beacon or siren for audible alarm. Environmental computer room monitoring system maintains Event log and data log up to 1000 entries for future references.